!The Results are In-Conclusion! 1 Month iPad Only Experiment with New M4 iPad Pro

Thanks will have a look at it. “On the nose” in Brit/Aussie speak means its a bit offensive, rotten.


That’s what I picked up from the context. Is it true that in Australia the thumbs up gesture means (or used to mean) something like “up yours” rather than a positive affirmation?

When you are in a video call, how do you take notes or make a quick Google search?
I really like having multiple displays for this, and I am curious how you do it.

Not usually, It means “all good” but the middle finger is a definite “up yours” rebuke.

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For your benefit (or envy), see:

iPad for Zoom in Home Study on a Rainy Day - #19 by JensV

Thank you for the link.
In the linked post he uses an iPad for the video call and a laptop to take notes.

I was hoping to hear how this works without a laptop.

(Envying the office did happen)

Edit: so you were right. No fancy iPad only solution.

The ideal setup is the iPad (or MBP) plus an external display. This is what I have in my office at work. But, I do not have an external display in my study at home.

At home, I have Zoom on the iPad and either type my notes on the MBP or use pen and paper and transfer my notes to Apple Notes after the call. I could have used a split screen with Zoom on one side and Apple Notes on the other, but I wanted to elevate the iPad to eye level. I could have elevated the iPad and used a split screen, but I don’t have an external keyboard. Not having an external monitor or keyboard limited my options at home. :slightly_smiling_face:

As to Google searches, I don’t search the web or do anything else during Zoom calls other than listen, speak, and take notes. :slightly_smiling_face:


It is a challenge, and I’m making slow progress! As to the 13” iPad, the thinness and weight of the new M4 iPad make a “big” difference in the comfort level of holding while reading. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m unfamiliar with “Proust’s - In Search of Lost Time.” At seven volumes, I don’t think I want to be. :rofl:

In my constant house moving (retired military)

My dad was a 20-year US Air Force veteran. We moved every two years to a different state or country until he retired, and we moved to a farm (I thoroughly enjoyed farming and almost decided to go into farming with my father. I did everything from raising my own cattle to paying for college to castrating bulls [it is best not to mess with me! :rofl:], to plowing fields and putting in fences.)

This is a picture of our farm house.

I know the hassle of moving anything, not to mention boxes upon boxes of books!


How to Castrate a Bull: Unexpected Lessons on Risk, Growth, and Success in Business

Appropriate book by an old boss of mine….

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If I didn’t already have so many books on my list, I’d buy it!

I have found this approach to work well. VIDEO ADVISORY. 1) doing this with a live bull is harder than shown, 2) The squeamish may want to avoid this even though it is merely a non-live demo. :slightly_smiling_face:

My wife keeps one of these on hand to ensure I toe the line! :rofl:

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I guess now this thread has definitely gone of rails!


For sure, but I plead the 5th. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just be aware that for some reason it really seems to piss them off.

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Ahh, am intrigued the new IPad feels lighter. The thinness i understand but the weight difference (approx 10%) doesn’t seem much but then 10% of a light weight is probably more easily felt.

Glad to see you adjusted to being a military kid. Often a tough time with the constant school/friend changes.

Lovely old farmhouse though. Am sure it was delightful, when you weren’t trying to deprive a bull of his Crown Jewels…am sure he didn’t part with them easily! Farmers in Australia used to cook them, usually for their farm dogs…and the odd meal themselves. “Odd” being the operative term in my view…

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Frequently moving had its challenges. On the other hand, the benefit is that I can “parachute” into any place and adapt to and acclimate quickly in most situations. :parachute:

As to the other, my culinary sensibilities are such that certain things will never be on the table. :rofl:

I’m with you on that! :rofl:

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You can find “mountain oysters” in some US restaurants and I knew someone who once ordered them as appetizers for the table. Fortunately one of my uncles was a farmer and I knew what they were. His date was not amused.

A bit off topic from mountain oysters😂, but my wife recently bought an 11in M2 iPad Air to complement her 12.9in M1 iPad Pro. She’s blind and so uses her iPad for her bible/hymn book in church but hates taking the big one and also in general as an artist just likes having a second iPad around. She’s really struck by how dull the screen looks compared to the miniLED on her Pro. I’m struck by how much I can notice the lack of Promotion compared to my 2018 11in Pro. (I think the old Pro screen looks nicer too but I think that’s just in my head) Even though I just use my iPad these days for reading technical books through O’Reilly, reading comic books, and recipes/watching Youtube while cooking, I think I’m going to need to start saving my pennies for an 11in M4/M5 iPad Pro.

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And it will take a few pennies! :joy::wink:

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