The Webby Awards

Voting ends tonight. If your favorite app / website, etc. is nominated, it’s a good way to show your love. There are also honorees, such as Agenda for best user interface design.

Edit: updated link to go to voting.

Well, they don’t get my vote for websites. It doesn’t work within Discourse, which is acceptable, but the voting part doesn’t work fully in Safari on my phone.
I’m switching to my MBP to try and look at podcasts.

Cheers for the link.

Edit: it was user error on the phone, but I still really dislike the design

Privacy policy? I probably missed it, but footer links did not respond for me.

I’m not a fan of the site design either. I’m sure it wasn’t deliberately designed to be hard to navigate but whatever they had in mind doesn’t work with my head.

I’m also not a fan of sites, like this one, that require me to create an account to vote and then can’t be bothered to remember it in future years. Sigh…