TheSweetSetup Ulysses Pro Course worth $57?

I’m in the process of writing a fairly long non-fiction book. I’m considering purchasing TheSweetSetup’s Ulysses Pro course for $57. Has anyone taken this course and did you find it worth the $57? That is not a lot of money but I don’t like to waste any money–or time. :slight_smile:

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It’s pricey, yes. I do not have this course, but I’ve used several of their other courses. Somewhat basic at times and slower paced, but provided useful overviews and refreshes.

I got it, but found that it was far too basic. I was expecting far more. I followed the entire course, and I hardly learned anything new. A better title for the course would be “Ulysses Beginners Course”.

This article is great for writing a book:


I purchased the course in 2017, and it was definitely worth the price to me at the time, and I even purchased the upgrade to the Pro version of the course two years later. But I purchased both as a preorder, I think, and there was a discount. I think I paid around $50 total for the Ulysses courses.

Around Black Friday they had a special offer of all their courses as a $99 bundle. But right now if you’re a member of Club MacStories you can get each of their courses for $34.

If you want to deeply learn Ulysses I think the course is pretty good.

This seems absurdly expensive for a program you can learn in a few hours at most.


I agree with @Rob_Polding. It’s quite beginner oriented if you have some knowledge of the app. And I guess you can learn the same things from the official help/blog and other free sources, like Gemmel’s article.

I found more interesting the part with people’s setups (don’t remember if Gemmel was there too), but nothing groundbreaking.

I’ve never written a book, but I guess it’s not the tool that must shape how it’s written. Stick to your plan and make Ulysses adapt to it, maybe doing some research on how to make things work, not the other way around.


Thanks everyone for your input. I have a good working knowledge of Ulysses and have read many of their blog posts. I was wondering if the course would provide “next level” ideas for increasing efficiency. Overall, it does not sound like I will realize significant ROI so I think I’ll skip. Thanks for saving me $57. :mask:


Arriving late at the party but confirming what has been said – it’s a nice shortcut to learning the ropes for that price, but if you are technically inclined, there’s nothing in there that you cannot learn on your own (and especially on the Ulysses website itself).

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Sweet setup charges a pretty penny for their courses, and they all seem like they only touch on a surface level, you could probably learn all of what Ulysses can do elsewhere and save yourself the ridiculous price.


Have you actually gone entirely through any of those apps? I have, and have not found either of the courses I purchased (the other being the Day One course) to be superficial, cursory or shallow. They don’t claim to offer tips/tricks that no one knows.

The app itself isn’t as complicated or abstruse as Scrivener, which has numerous ways to achieve the same thing and countless ways to customize the workspace or create a workflow. (That explains why there are literally dozens of books websites and courses dedicated to that app.)

I think the taster introductory video on the website gives a decent overview of the course.

Yep, I’ve done the Ulysses course as well as the course they offer on Things 3.

So you thought so little of the first course you ended up buying a second one? :wink:

To anyone thinking about the course, be aware that The Sweet Setup offers a 30-day no-questions-asked refund guarantee. If it seems too simplistic for you just get your money back.

Yes, but even if I was not satisfied, I could not bring myself to ask for a refund. I’m sure it took hours to create I don’t want to use their work for nothing, especially in today’s economic environment.


That’s on you if you don’t want to take advantage of a guarantee that a product meets your needs or expectations. :man_shrugging: No one there is going to go hungry over a refund.

It is on me but I’m feeling generous. :moneybag:

You are? You said 6 hours ago you weren’t going to try it.

No, that is a different thing. I’d buy if I thought I’d get significant ROI from the purchase but once purchased, even if I end up disappointed, I will not ask for a refund as I’m confident that I will still learn “something”. So, rather than take a chance and buy the course and then ask for a refund if not happy, I’m electing not to purchase and learn what I need from other sources. Personally, I’d feel like I was taking advantage of them. I don’t expect others to take the same approach but for me, it is right. I’m blessed and make good money so I can easily afford to be generous if I wish. That does not mean that I spend money needlessly, thus my decision not to purchase the course. :slight_smile:

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Ah. So you’re being theoretically generous. :face_with_monocle:

True, it’s cheaper. :slight_smile: