Things 3.17- Major Update for Shortcuts

Cultured Code just updated the Status Board on it’s website, moving this from in Alpha and coming December to in Beta coming January. Best part is the addition of a description:

“A major update for Things’ integration Apple Shortcuts, including 7 brand-new actions that give you immense power to manipulate your data.”

Kind of excited!


Oh I had no idea. Shortcuts integration was pushing me away from Things to Reminders. I can wait till January I guess. Is there a beta? Do they need testers?

Nice status board, CC

I’m really interested in knowing what these integrations will be. I’m still not much of a Shortcuts user, but the current implementation with Things is lacking, isn’t it?

It’s in Beta already. I’m on their iOS Beta, but have not looked into it yet.

With no API and limited Shortcuts actions (3 or 4 if I remember correctly), Things stands out as living in a silo. That was one of, if not the key appeal of Todoist to me. Being able to integrate a Pomodoro timer or do time-tracking was really appealing. I’d become more of a student of Shortcuts to unlock Things’ potential!

Here’s their beta documentation on shortcuts for people interested

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