Things 3 and attachments

Hi Everyone, I decided that I would give Things 3 a try after years of using Omnifocus. A big pain point for me is the fact that when I forward myself emails to create tasks, attachments aren’t included like they are in OF. Does anyone have a clever workaround for this? In OF I appreciated being able to dive into something with the necessary document right there. I suspect they will fix it before too long, but probably not before my trial period ends. :slight_smile: Thanks!

I use the Airmail/Spark ‘send e-mail to Things 3’ action.

Once you send the e-mail to Things you only have to click the task and it opens the email in Airmail/Spark.

Also, for other types of attachments, I just put a link to google drive in Things notes.

The only workaround I can think of is to put the attachments in Dropbox, copy the URL link and paste that into the e-mail. Perhaps Keyboard Maestro or an AppleScript will speed this up for you.

On the Mac, I have a Keyboard Maestro macro that puts a file in DEVONthink, copies the URL, and creates a task in Things (with the DEVONthink link in the note of the task).

On iOS, I have a Workflow I got from Club MacStories that does something similar.

EDIT: I just saw that you referenced emails. For emails, I typically just create the task with the link back to the email, where I can get to the attachment. My workflow above was for files outside of Mail.

Josh Ginter at the Sweet Setup uses Bear and workflow for this. I really like the system he’s put together.