Things 3 vs. Todoist

Viticci now just uses Reminders :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve actually ended up using Amazing Marvin

I absolutley love it! Albet I use the Things 3 workflow in the app :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the heads up. Forgot about this app.

There is a free 1 year trial for this app here -

The Things 3 workflow looks amazing, almost looks like the real Things 3!


It was the AppSumo that made me give it a go.

At $96 a year (around £74) there was no way I was considering it. However, I cannot believe how good the app is. There is quite a learning curve but the help and support available in video tutorials, webinars, knowledge base but the fact the developers are so responsive really gives the app an overall edge.

You’re right @Beresford_Salmon it’s the Things 3 workflow I use, you’d be mistaken for thinking you were in Things! :smile:

It really is worth having a look at it with the 1 year trial right now!

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The free year via AppSumo intrigued me, so I signed up. Thanks for the link. (I assume AppSumo gets a spiff for each sign-up, maybe more in a year if users decide to pay.) I’ve heard good things about the app, as well as gripes about its complexity once one looks under the hood.

My Todoist Premium subscription renews in 2-3 weeks. I’ll still pay it but I’ll also try Marvin and see if it offers something better for my needs.

It is absolutely worth a shot but certainly not for everyone.

The secret is to keep things simple in the beginning, don’t add loads of strategies etc.



They need to work on their dedicated apps (still no iPad app), but I like the customizability.

Thanks. I try to keep things simple anyway. What I’ve loved about Todoist is the instant application of dated/timed events onto my Google Calendar (which propagates to Apple Calendar), and the ability to move one of those events on GC and have it instantly updated in Todoist. The biggest issue is that when planning I usually have to have both FC and Todoist open simultaneously, which is something solved by the custom calendar in apps like TickTick. (But since I live inside FC I’m loathe to have to work inside the proprietary TickTick calendar.)

Anyway I’m looking forward to playin with Marvin in the near future.

Marvin covers a lot of ground, but the UI is not as polished as other web apps like, say, Todoist or even TickTick, and the iOS mobile app is screaming for a replacement. But boy do they hit a home run… the concept itself is so flexible… can be as powerful as OF or as easy going as Things.

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The current version of Things shows you the project/area/etc. of completed tasks in the Logbook both on macOS and iOS, and you can use Get Info to show the exact time and date that it was created and completed.


I‘m currently thinking about changing from 2Do to either Todoist or Things 3. Have there been significant updates to each of them since this topic was discussed? Are they on par? Where do you see the biggest differences? Or is there something new as the new shiny thing that I should consider?

Things 3 has the best keyboard support on iPad. It was just updated with widgets, scribble. The apple watch app is functional on it’s own.


I think Todoist has a broader range of features – the email integration, calendar integration, kanbanish view, subtopics, cross-platform, sharing / collaboration, and more – which make it a good candidate for someone who has a lot of active projects and tasks and needs the integrations that Todoist provides. If that’s not the use case, then Things is a really great app.

Have not tried Todoist but to me the incredible beauty and smoothness of Things made up for the missing features.
I see it as a typicial Apple way of doing it. Keep it simple and insanely beautiful.


I don’t have a lot of projects. My main problem is that I keep forgetting to use my task manager. So I’m looking for one that’s fun to use, that’s actively developed (so that I get seduced to use it when new features arrive, like widgets) and that makes it easy to add tasks in all kinds of ways (e.g. from other apps, with shortcuts, templates etc.). I’m sure both are fine in this regard.

Oh, and I don‘t have many time based tasks, I just want to see what I should do, not spend my time planning when and then rescheduling anyway. But I guess that’s just a question of how I set this up, in any of those apps.

That statement makes me lean toward recommending Things. You get a single Today list that you can work from and re-arrange the tasks in whatever order without worrying about time. However, you are right that you could setup Todoist to function in this way too.

At this point I don’t think you can go wrong with either of them. I’m currently using Things because I’m primarily macOS based and I find it to be the most seamless for me there. If I were iOS / iPad mainly then I may be swayed more to Todoist.

Really my only gripe with Things is that I can’t easily see my tasks within my calendar like I can with Reminders or Todoist. You can view your calendar within Things, but it’s just not quite enough for me.

Anyway now I’m rambling… :blush:


The one thing that speaks for Todoist is the web app. I use a PC at work and it would be nice to access the task manager from there from time to time. But my day job is separated from the other stuff I do, it’s really nothing I need regularly. So I guess if I can simply email a task to Things from my work mail account, that would be sufficient.
I tend to Things because of the looks and because I prefer not to have another subscription.
I want a nice watch app, Shortcuts, widgets and all that stuff and I guess in this regard they are similar.

Another option when you’re on your PC: you can use iCloud Reminders on the web, and sync a specified list to Things. That way you can input any tasks with times and details and then just pull those into Things when you are on your phone or mac, etc…

As for automation, I really love the Things Link Builder. Todoist has a more robust API but it’s a bit more difficult to work with.


Then maybe Reminders is all you need? You can have as many reminders groups as you want. It already integrates with Notifications on macOS/iPadOS/iOS, plus integrating with a lot of the software you probably own, has the same basic data elements as Things has, and you can set a single recurring reminder to prompt you to check the whole list periodically.

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