Things - no single view of all tasks

Hi All,

I’ve purchased Things for iPhone so far, and have been struggling with the lack of a single list of all tasks in date order, with those with no date at the end. does this quite well, however the UX choices by are poor, especially on Mac).

I’m interested to see how you all use Things mentally, for me the compartmentalisation of seperate lists gives me the feeling I’ll moss something and blocks me from seeing the whole picture.

Happy to retain my brain, just trying to get some help if possible.

To clarify the Upcoming section is not meeting your wants. You want the contents of Upcoming followed by undated items on one list.

Not what you want …

I put or drag all undated tasks into the Inbox… Two lists covers the territory — Inbox and Upcoming. It works for me. However, I don’t believe you can have Area and Project tags in the Inbox.

As you know Things, Wunderlist, Todoist, Remember The Milk… are driven by their design team’s vision. I have quibbles with all of them. Dang, i continue to hope that someday I’ll discover…

Yep inbox and upcoming almost cover it, I like to scroll through a single list, dragging tasks to completion times.

Ideally for me I’d love an all tasks view, that merges all scheduled tasks (in the same way upcoming works) and unscheduled tasks.

I guess I just need to get used to focusing on today and scheduling the rest and be happy they are out of sight.