Things templates - best practices?

What do you think is the best way to implement project template in Things?

Workflow? Drafts? Copy and paste in Things itself?

I have the project tagged template and duplicate when needed. I also keep the template as Someday.


There’s also the newish thing where you can copy and paste markdown in as elements in Things. I’ve never tried it before but looks pretty easy. Things 3.5

@AmeerH, this is exactly what I do also and it works great for me too.

Anyone interested in sharing their project template or at least showing what’s in it? I use things for all my projects as well and am Interested in this idea.

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Thank you all. I should clarify what I’m trying to do here:

I run a monthly meeting for my neighborhood association. I’d like to set up a recurring project or a set of repeating tasks. But the dates for those tasks are all going to be based on the date of the association meeting, which is usually the third monday of the month.

I think this means I have two options:

  1. Set up a project with tasks that repeat monthly. (But this doesn’t allow me to, say, have something due the Friday before the third Thursday of a month).


  1. Set up a workflow or Drafts action to create a new project each month based on the date of the meeting.

There is currently no way to programmatically set repeating tasks in Things. However, if you have Drafts there are a couple of parsers that allow you to pretty easily write out what you’d like to add and when. I’m also in the process of writing one that will work with the Mac. (In Python)

Drafts Parser 1

Drafts Parser 2

Mine doesn’t work yet but if you’d like to check it out, here it is