This looks interesting... A local Roam Research?

Plugin for VSCode so useful if you live in VSCode all day as I do half the week. Markdown and text file based plus shareable via Github.

I may try this for code based notes.


There’s also Obsidian, which some people here have posted about before.

I’ve been using Obsidian for about a week. So far so good.

I’m gonna be trying out Obsidian and Foam in full for the upcoming semester and see how that goes! I’ve watched a lot of videos on Roam already, and while the concept looks compelling, the pricing is just way too high for me to keep using long term.

@drhcc the pricing was my main issue. I have 4 courts that I am assigned too. Each has very different subject matter. I have a physical binder for each Court. I’ve been reproducing these binders in Obsidian with back links. Has worked really well so far.

Oh that’s a neat idea! Yeah, ever since I’ve found out about this category of software, I’ve been thinking about how nice it would be to apply it to my law school studies. It would be a nice alternative to just the straightforward outlining that everybody does. Making mindmaps has helped me to quickly “visualize” certain doctrines, but I feel like adding in some backlinking and being able to see everything in a link map would be even more helpful.

I think for Roam, beyond the high pricing (for my student budget at least), I’ve been seeing instances of data loss? Which would be really concerning, especially since I wouldn’t have local copies of my notes…