Thread vs Wi-Fi smart plugs

We’ve got some holiday lights that I’m tired of unplugging every night, so I’d like to hook them up to a smart plug. The wemo thread smart plug is about $25, and it looks like I can get 4 meross Wi-Fi smart plugs for about $40.

I guess I’m wondering if that price difference is worth it for security and bandwidth and all those other things.

I have both the WEMO (indoor) and Meross (outdoor) smart plugs for few years now. Neither are Thread but WEMO plugs we use for Holiday decorations need to be reset every year. The Meross plugs just work with no fuss. Not aware of any security issues at this time.

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I’d love to go with thread since I’ve got HomePod minis and eero 6 pro, but it still seems just so expensive.

Thanks, that’s helpful! I’ve ordered the meross Wi-Fi plugs (4 for $32 on Amazon), and they’ll be here tomorrow. I’ll report back.

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The meross were delivered this AM, and they were set up within minutes. I’m still waiting on the automation to hit, but that should be good, too.

Thanks for the feedback!