Tidy Omnifocus Project Taskpaper Export

I like to use Omnifocus but there are times I just need to get the project on paper. I can export the project to drafts and get the Taskpaper format. That’s ugly with lots of @autodone(false) and similar tags.so my question.

How do I get a “pretty” export of a single project from omnifocus. Am I missing something or is there an easy way to tidy up those tags. Maybe there’s even a workflow (sorry shortcut) to run the text through. Or another app such as a mindmap or outliner that will do this for me.

Any thoughts appreciated.


Oh I should mention that I’m iOS only…
Hopefully that doesn’t matter.

Hello David,

Give this shortcut a try…

You will have to paste in the data from Omnifocus every time you want to print, just add it to the empty text box at the top. You cannot use the get clipboard action as it only gets the url and not the actual text from the tasks. I could not find a way to get the get clipboard option to work…

Let me know if this works for you!



Isn’t this the beauty of a text-based format like Taskpaper - that you can edit the file with any tool or automation you like?