Time Machine Failure Notifications

Prior to Catalina, if a backup attempt failed because a drive was not connected, a push notification would be triggered for the first backup attempt, but not subsequent ones. I backup to a Time Capsule hourly, and occasionally to an external drive. So previously I would get a single notification when the external was disconnected, but then no more failure notifications until after a successful backup to the external. So it was only warning me once, until I plugged the drive back in, then when I removed it again I’d get warned once.

In Catalina it warns every attempt. So that’s a failure notification every two hours. It’s irritating.

I don’t want to disable notifications, because if I have a legitimate failure I want to know about it - but I cant find any setting to revert to the pre-Catalina behaviour.

I’ll continue to live with it if I have to, but I thought maybe someone here would know of something I’ve missed.

I don’t know what I’ve done differently, but I did not see this behaviour on my MBP (TimeMachine drives at work and at home). That machine is in for repairs at the moment but once it’s back I can confirm.