Time Machine harder to Browse in Ventura?

Is this a new “feature” of Ventura where the Time Machine browsing interface has changed? I find it a lot harder to get to a specific day/month when I move my mouse up the strip on the right. It seems to want to jump back further in time with small movements. I have backups going back to 12/2020, so with very little movement I’m already in 2021. It becomes a battle to go back to May or June in 2022.

One thing that seems to be an improvement is that before Ventura, the time machine browser would only appear on my MacBook laptop screen even when it was attached to a larger monitor. Now when I attach it to my studio display, it will appear on that larger display if the Finder window is on the larger display. This also makes the battle above easier to handle, but it still isn’t great.

I also notice they changed the label from “Enter Time Machine” to “Browse Time Machine Backups.” At first I thought it was broken and there was no way to see your backups, but I eventually realized it was renamed. Another one of those instances where they removed a small bit of whimsy from the os.

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