Time Machine On an Always On Mac

Has anyone had success recently with running their time machine drive on a separate Mac? I had tried this 3 or so years ago and gave up on it because it kept making me rebuild the backup. I like having my office void of spinning hard drives as I don’t like the sound.

I have a Mac in a closet that I would love to have all HDDs attached to.

I’m wondering if anyone has advice on making this a successful venture when my new Studio arrives.

I was doing this with an M1 MBP to an iMac over WiFi. It worked fine for the most part. At one point the MBP couldn’t find the iMac anymore and I had to set it up again. The only other thing was that Time Machine seems to be slow over WiFi. Which didn’t really matter, I just found it annoying at times.

I’m connected via 10 GbE. So the speed of the drive should be the limit.

I run Time Machine over wifi to a hardwired Synology. No issues except I’m running out of space and older backups are getting pruned.

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I experienced some issues with a remote TM backup on my Synology DiskStation. Seemed to be a common problem - had to rebuild the backup from scratch and lost the history. Happened several times on my own MacBook, one time on my wife‘s Mac Mini. Didn‘t occur again for a year or so by now, but I do not fully trust the solution any more.

On the other hand, the setup you‘re proposing - HD attached to a Mac which shares the TM volume - is doing its job for me for about two years now without those problems.

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I use TimeMachine on three Macs to backup to both a networked (wire and WiFi) Synology NAS, and (belt and braces) to USB connected drives on each device. All working well for many years. I know this as I do test restores on each about once a quarter