Time Machine transition suggestions needed

As a belt, suspenders, and another belt type of backup guy, I have been using external drives for Time Machine and CCC, plus Backblaze for a while now. Inexplicably, I decided to partition a 6TB drive a while ago into 2TB for TM and 4TB for who knows what. As I’m sorting and consolidating my mash-mash of HDDs and SSDs, I’d much rather have the TM on it’s own drive. However, I am unable to increase the size of that particular partition on the 6TB drive, and it seems TM files can no longer simply be copied to another drive for continued use.

I suppose the simplest answer would just be to reformat the 6TB drive and start a fresh TB on that or another drive, but then I’d lose any old backups. WWYD?

Forget about yesterday. Start fresh. When was the last time you had to go to an old backup…


My first thought is whether this is APFS. If it is, you should just be able to delete the 4GB partition and extend the 2GB to the full drive. I wonder why you can’t.

If you’re wedded to retaining the old data, can you simply turn the 4GB into a new Time Machien Drive?

Personally, with Backblaze in place, I’d wipe and start afresh, especially as Backblaze has a 12 month version retention now.


Yeah it’s a mental condition, I know. I have this irrational fear that I’m going to lose some precious data from some time ago, which I will absolutely need at some point in the future.

As I said, it’s irrational. I will not tell you how old some of my stored HDDs are. It’s embarrassing.

I believe though that I will power through and just entirely reformat the current 6TB and, as @fuchsr says, start fresh.

But to address your comment about deleting partitions: I discovered that I can create new partitions or adjust the size of the “root partition” but not of a partition created after the original formatting. I’ve tried. When highlighted, the “Time Machine” portion is colored blue with white lines, while the “Expansion” portion is solid blue. Both partitions are APFS. When I create a new partition, it automatically is created in the “Expansion” portion, and I can ⌘ drag on the handles to adjust. I can’t drag on any handles to affect the “Time Machine” partition though. ¯_( ツ)_/¯

Ransomware and other destructive malware seems able to get past big IT departments and government agencies. Police seem overwhelmed and ineffective in the face of identity theft. Who is to say that some files on an old backup won’t become useful at some point?