“Time to Walk” on Watch 7.3 with Fitness+

I tried out Time to Walk for a morning walk today. Listened to the episode with Uzo Aruba. This is a bit like an outdoor Ted-X talk with a short playlist at the end.

There are four episodes now, and another one will be pushed to the Watch each Monday through the end of April. So that adds up to 17 total by end of April. The talk plus music is about 40-45 minutes.

I walk that amount several times a day, so I could run out of the full announced suite in a couple of weeks. It would be nice if Apple opened the Time to Walk platform to others to create and publish — and, of course, there are always podcasts.

No reason to buy Fitness+ just for this. I subscribe to Apple One, so this feature came along for the walk. Maybe someday we’ll see Time to Bike, Time to Run, Time to Row, etc.

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I don’t really get this. It’s just a podcast, what does it have to do with walking? It seems like a gimmick.

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I walk regularly. I have a Fitness+ trial and tried to do one, but it just doesn’t fit my groove, so I switched to my usual podcasts. You can’t switch to a different workout when doing a Fitness+ walk; you have to end it and start an indoor or outdoor walk.

It did make me think I should set up a shortcut to automatically resume my podcasts when I start a workout, because I liked everything beginning at once.

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