Time Tracking Software Revisited

This came up back in July according to search, but I’m hoping to get some more up-to-date information. One of my administration classes this term includes a project to track your time for 15 weeks using some sort of logging system. Typically, this seems like an easy thing to do in Excel or in a paper book, but I find in my current job I am quite regularly having to switch from desktop to laptop to iOS device and back again, and wondered if there was a better way.

In short, I’m looking for recommendations for a time tracking app… iOS & Mac would be optimal, but iOS only would probably work, and I’d like to avoid any sort of long-term subscriptions. Even better would be if it could read from my calendar to get a head start on all the meetings, but that may be pie in the sky.

I checked out “Timing” from the previous thread, and it seems pretty shaky from a cost / stability standpoint. Comments on their website noting that a few people are using it, and the idea of a $70 annual fee just to maintain sync ability, seems a bit high.

Any thoughts / recommendations? Thanks!

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Perfect podcast episode for you…

All about time tracking and automating it, presented by @RosemaryOrchard and @MacSparky

As well as the options discussed in the show, I also like Tyme 2


which is iOS only (I believe) but also provides Shortcuts donations for starting and stopping timers. It also allows multiple timers to run in parallel which can be handy in certain circumstances.

Tyme 2 is available on Mac… https://www.tyme-app.com/en/

And a link to the Automators forum for the podcast episode discussion…



That’s fantastic, thanks Tony! I have Automators in my Overcast list but I hadn’t seen the new episode drop yet. I am all over this, mucho gracias!


Thanks for the recommendation Tony, giving Tyme a shot on your recommendation.

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