Time Zone Issues on my iOS Devices

On Sunday when the time changed we began having issues with all our iOS devices.

We live on the edge of Central (close to Eastern) time zone. In Settings> Date and Time I alternate between Etc/GMT+6 and Chicago Time Zones. Chicago is correct; the Etc/GMT+6 is an hour behind (like before the time changed).

If I change the time zone manually by several methods, network reset, auto on and off and other ways, it changes to be correct but in a few minutes it changes back to be incorrect! Also for what ever reason it will sometimes be correct during the day, so I never can be sure what time it is! When we cross to Chattanooga in Eastern Time zone it automatically changes to Eastern Time and is correct.

My iPhone 8+ has the problem, thus my Apple Watch does. My iPad also has the problem. Also my husband’s iPhone has the same issue. All of the devices are running iOS 12.1.4 (up to date).

We have contacted Apple and they have sent the issue on to engineering. But I am wondering if any others are experiencing this issue or if it is just a fluke of our location!


I’m guessing it’s a fluke of your location near the border. I ran into this in Chattanooga a while back. Despite being in Tennessee (Central Time) my phone was picking up the time from a cell tower that thought it was in Georgia (Eastern Time).

Do you have Date and Time set to Set Automatically? If not, you could go to setting it manually, though the cure may be worse than the disease (particularly if you move back and forth between Central and Eastern quite a bit).

I think this is 100% what’s going on. I’d set the time zone manually in “Date & Time” in Settings > General.