TimeBlocking, Pomodoros

I’m looking for an elegant way to:

  • Setup my day in the time blocking style
  • Use Blocks that are like Pomodoros
  • Have a timer to display the time remaining in a block

This could be an app, a series of apps, keyboard maestro scripts.

Currently I build this apple calendar in the morning. The joke is that this takes 10+ minutes. Ideally I would like something faster, that integrates the timer :-).

I don’t need a task manager - I use Kaiten to organize my team. I tried Sorted it solves the wrong problem.

Does anyone know an app or app + KM scripts?

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Red Sweater, of Mars Edit fame, has this timer app:

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Curious - I downloaded - flexible, very.

I unless I’m missing something it doesn’t handle the time blocking part.


Have you considered Meeting Bar? It’s free and will show the current event on your menubar and the time left for item.

By the time the next one is close, it will show a countdown, like `X in 4 minutes’.

That should cut it for the timer part.

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You may want to look at Session. I tried it when I had a subscription to Setapp; it had too many bells and whistles for my needs, but perhaps it may be up yer alley…

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You may want to look at Session 8. 

Holy cow - this may the most over powered pomodoro app ever.

All of these applications help to varying degrees in making time visible. Wonderful.

The most time consuming part of my day is making calendar entries for the timeblocks and then reflowing them when life happens. Has anyone seen clever tricks for that?

Somehow I had hoped someone would whip out a dozen KM macros and make apple calendar work for me.

you can display time blocks in apps like BusyCal, but not sure i

Perhaps try Amazing Marvin’s free trial. You can enable the time blocking strategy and the task timer strategy, and that should get you close. It has some task triaging methods but I don’t think it’ll push your calendar back as neatly as you’re looking for.

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