Timemator vs Klokki

I am trying to decide between Timemator and Klokki for personal time tracking. Does anyone have experience with one or both of the apps. I prefer a non-subscription system and have pretty much narrowed it down to these two (though I do like Clockify, but don’t want the subscription route (plus it is not quite as pretty as these two). Thought?

I used Klokki for about three years, every day, and exporting the weekly data to a spreadsheet for analysis. I rarely had an issue with it, although it did have a few quirks. Minor ones, like when a tracked period went past midnight and you needed to edit the entry to stop at midnight, then start a new entry for the next day - things would sometimes seem to vanish from the display.

I then used Timemator as part of SetApp and felt like it was a clone of Klokki with an attempt to add more bells and whistles. Unfortunately, I had a hard time getting any dings or toots out of said bells and whistles, and the program felt slower than Klokki to me. I ended up switching back to Klokki pretty quickly.

This all ended about a year ago when my time no longer needed tracking, so this is a bit outdated. In the end, I think either program is solid if unspectacular.

Been using Timemator for the last couple of years. I bought the iOS and Mac versions separately from the App Store. In these 2 years, the iOS version did not get a single update and the Mac version straight up got abandoned and removed from the App Store without ever getting any updates.
On top of that, don’t expect to get any reply from the developers if you need any support.
I have no experience with Klokki, but I would advise against Timemator.

That is not great. Woof.

Both iOS and Mac versions are still supported and got an update a month ago. Never had any trouble with Timemator. I consider it a great app for its price.

As far as I know (and I just rechecked), Timemator does not exist in the Mac App Store anymore. It was taken down when they came out with a new version which was sold on their site only. I would be glad to be wrong here. I’d really appreciate if you could share a link if it’s visible for you.

Ok, I stumbled across Tyme and although it breaks my “no subscription” effort, it does integrate with Calendar which is something the others don’t. Looks like it is down to Klokki (that still haven’t responded to my email re: EDU discount, and Tyme which doesn’t offer an EDU discount (a mistake on their part IMHO). Currently testing both at the same time.

Update: I did not hear back from Klokki about an EDU discount or Calendar integration. I personally prefer looking at how my day was used via a calendar rather than having to look at a spreadsheet; so I have decided to do a month-to-month subscription to Tyme (for the time being). So far it seems to be working well for me.