Timery tips - clients vs tags

Hi all. I’m using Timery to track time, but I’m struggling to know when to use tags vs clients. Can someone help? I’m tracking “what” I’m doing with Projects. That allows me to get the reports I need, sort of. The Projects don’t change from client to client. But I can’t figure out how to run a report only for a certain client or tag. I’ve tried doing this in Toggl too, and I’m still confused. I have a paid Timery account and free Toggl account. Has anyone figured this out?

I have run into similar issues. It would be really nice to be able to customize reports more… at this point I’m looking at extracting the data and custom-generating my own reports.

Curious if others have found a better way!

I color code each client and then have duplicate projects for each one, hard coded to a client. So it’s “banking, client J” and “banking, client K” etc.

I use Timery to do time tracking. Toggl website for reporting. I run a report of last month, filtered by client. Export to PDF, attach to invoice. Send.

I don’t use tags at all. I’ve never understood how they could help for my particular situation (independent contractor doing accounting where each client is pretty similar from one month or year to the next month or year, and each client has broadly similar sets of requirements).

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