Tip for new Craft users

Craft has a robust system for scanning, adding media, adding a sketch , etc. I scanned a Father’s Day card and inserted a video made for me to a Craft note. I used the daily note feature and linked the note to my journal in Craft. This worked wonderfully.


Is there any difference between a card and a page, besides the graphic? Which do you use? I was using cards, but a page seems to be better suited for most things.

I mostly use pages but there are times when I prefer cards-if you have a lot of sub-pages, and I often do, cards stand out “from the crowd.” I don’t believe there is any functional difference.

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Hmm I do this similar process on Day One.
I wonder if I can gain more functionality if I export Day One to Craft

I haven’t used Day One in a long time so it is hard to say. You could try it with the free version of Craft.

The more I use Craft, the more I love it. So much thought has gone into the user experience that I genuinely look forward to those times that I realise I have some information that needs to be recorded in there. Weird? Perhaps. But true.

@Bmosbacker do you (or others) have experience with large numbers of notes? Apologies if you have discussed this before somewhere. I am considering bringing work notes across to Craft. This would comprise approximately 800 (albeit fairly short) notes - just simple markdown with no images etc. I did a quick test quite a few months ago and performance didn’t seem great to be honest (iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (4th generation)). But things may well have improved given the responsiveness of the dev team and the frequent updates.


@kjw97 I did some cleanup before transferring notes to Craft. Thus far I have ~350 notes in Craft. So far, no issues. I don’t add a lot of PDFs or images, I mostly link to those. I can’t yet assess the impact of 1,000+ notes but you may want to go to the Craft Slack channel and ask there. I’m sure there are users with a large number of notes. The developers are responsive and they may well address your question also.

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So I did a crazy experiment and imported the entire text of the Bible as one single note with sub page upon sub page for each book and chapter. There is a bit of a slow down when parsing that document, but that is literally the only document I’ve ever had any tiny bit of performance degradation. They have really done a great job on making Craft fast. :slight_smile: