Tips on using Hook

I’ve been trying to get my head around how best to use Hook for my research workflow.

Has anyone found good workflow examples?
Or do you have a workflow you can share?

I’d like to optimise mine so it does not get too unwieldy, seems Hook can go out of control very quickly because of it’s enormous potential and omni-presence.

I mainly use hook to link projects to files/webpages/pdf’s/legal briefs etc. to manage specific privacy jurisprudence for 12 different countries as input for my advice to the business.

I keep my Hook links in Obsidian, OmniFocus and Fantastical. I don’t use Hook in other apps. This helps me know where to find a link when I want to work contextually.


Problem is it’s not the “where”, it’s the “how”

How do I keep links from multiplying without any direction or purpose, and how do I make sure I can keep them to the minimum so I can keep my thoughts straight :slight_smile:

Or: does that not matter? Am I thinking too one directional?

Invert this. What is the one top reason that you need a hook between any two documents from different apps?

Before you make a hook, ask whether it fulfills the one need. Be brutal saying no before you say yes.


I have the other apps point to an Obsidian note. Then, no duplicate links.


As fate would have it, William Gallagher of 58 Keys posted a video on this yesterday: