Title for Automatically Generated Apple Notes Oddly Truncated

I created a 2-action Apple Shortcut to generate an Apple Note from the clipboard in Monterey OS (get clipboard + create note from clipboard). It generates a note with the clipboard content in the body but in the folder sidebar, the title is only the first letter:

I can edit the content of the note, including the title, but the sidebar “title” only updates if I first delete the entire title within the body of the note. I can’t fathom why that is.

This shortcut is part of much larger automation involving Zapier and Keyboard Maestro which I use to create Finder Client Folders/Gmail labels/Todoist Projects/etc. all driven by a client name saved to clipboard. This is the only step that doesn’t work correctly.

Any ideas on how to fix this oddity? Thanks.

Maybe a screenshot of the Shortcut and/or the involved automation could be helpful.

Once it is working correctly, I’d like to use that shortcut if you can share it.

Here’s the shortcut

The shortcut works fine if I simply copy something manually to the clipboard. The problem arises when the clipboard is modified by a Hazel rule which monitors a folder for an empty text file (generated by Zapier).

This Hazel rule shown below (i) copies the plain text file name to the clipboard (the first Apple Script in the rule), then (ii) triggers a KM macro to create client folders using that clipboard data (the second Apple Script in the rule), then (iii) trashes the plain text file, and finally (iv) creates the Apple Note.

The first Apple script reads as follows:

The second Apple script to trigger the KM macro is irrelevant to the issue because I can delete that action (and forgo triggering the KM macro altogether) and the problem still remains. However, if anyone is interested in the KM macro itself, I posted it here:

And for what it’s worth, here’s that Zapier “zap” which does a bunch of stuff and then creates the plain text file in the folder Hazel monitors.

Like the KM macro, the Zapier zap can be removed from the equation but the issue remains.

What’s paricularly odd is that when the Shortcut creates the problem note, I can still cmd+V anywhere and confirm that the system clipboard still has everything I copied to it not a truncated version of what was copied.


Thanks, I was able to create that simple shortcut, it will come in handy.

I’m guessing your get selection is a string, not a list, and so if you use item 1 of (get selection) you are using the first character of the string.

Try just setting theName to the name of (get selection)

Caveat: I’m on mobile and haven’t tested this theory at all

Thank you for that, but no luck.

That odd thing is that after running the original script and pasting elsewhere, the full name on the clipboard (which is what I want) is outputted, not a truncated first letter as appears in Notes.