TJ’s Sweet Solution is starting to spread!

Last night I was at a meeting and a friend pulled out his laptop and this is what I saw:

I said “Hey, I did that with my MacBook Air!”

To which he replied, “That’s where I got the idea!”

It’s finally happening, folks! You can tell people you were here at the very beginning!

See the MPU Episode 515 post for more info.


You need to start selling a “kit” for this :laughing:

Is that an HD taped there, or a USB C dock?

I quit the Internet.


This proves that anything can go viral …

From looking at it, I believe it’s either the 4TB or 5TB version of Western Digital’s “My Passport” Portable External Hard Drive.

Oh dear… that’s going to make the whole podcasting / YouTube / website thing much more difficult.

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Gaffers tape is easy to remove and doesn’t leave a glue residue :wink:

I’m pretty sure Steve just rolled his eyes.