To Plex or not to Plex

Raise your hand if MacSparky has a directory on your Plex…

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I love the concept of “libraries” in Plex, especially because we use it on multiple devices for multiple audiences.

I have a “Movies” library, but also a “Kid Movies” one. The (youngest) kid’s AppleTV only has access to the latter. Same for the TV in the kids area at church if we’re having some kind of social event.

I also have a large library of concert videos and it’s nice to keep those separate (because no one wants shared access to those!).

All in, we have:

  • Movies
  • Kid’s Movies
  • Epic Movie Series (keeps the 6-7 film series from “cluttering” up the main library)
  • Home Movies
  • Webcast Concerts
  • TV Shows
  • Music Library

A little bit of time organizing things makes it very, very easy to navigate and selectively share with others.


First hurdle with Infuse: it would appear that my OS is outdated: I’m running Catalina and Infuse requires Big Sur.
The iMac supports it, but I’m very much a fan of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and I don’t like the idea of anything going awry. OS updates are scary.

Is anybody running Infuse on Catalina? Is it even possible? I did not find any legacy versions on Firecore’s website.

this may be OT

you may have some bad experience before. However, you may be running some vulnerabilty risk if you do not update

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Catalina still receives security updates, at least as of May 2022.

If you have an AppleTV, you can drop files into your home directory on the computer and then access them from the “computer” folder on the AppleTV…

You may want to look into Emby before jumping into Plex.

I recommend setting up a Jellyfin server as Plex is slowly but surely switching from a Personal Media Server to a commercial streaming service. Their priority is onboarding streaming services onto their platform.

In the short term, you can use Plex as they haven’t sunsetted the personal media services yet. But I’ll set up Jellyfin as well so that you are ready to make the switch when that media server has matured enough to a viable alternative.