Today view - what do you keep?

What do you keep in your Today View on your iPad or iPhone and why?

Good topic!

  • 2 Home+ widgets to open/close my garage door.

  • About 20 Shortcuts that I use often enough to want quick access too.

  • Siri App Suggestions (although I’m not sure I ever use those… more often I pull down for Spotlight search and launch from there if they aren’t on my home screen)

  • Carrot Weather daily forecast summary

  • Next Up

  • Calendar

  • Maps Destinations

  • Batteries (mostly to check AirPods battery level without flipping open the case)

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Dark Sky - so I know if I need a jacket or not.
Soundhound - so I know who sings that song.
LifX - so I can see when it gets dark.
Shortcuts - for various different things.
Lightroom - So I can launch the camera if I can ever remember that it’s there.

Mostly aspirational things. I’d like to be using it. Just haven’t really developed the habit. I rarely find myself looking at the homescreen unless I’m looking for a specific app to open.

Right now: fantastical, omnifocus (though i wish i could dynamically change the list there depending on location), shortcuts and drafts.

In the batteries widget I can only see my iPhone and Apple Watch on my iPhone.

On my iPad it’s my only my iPads battery showing.

How do you get the AirPods on there?

Huh. I don’t remember doing anything to get it there, but I just checked and it’s definitely there… when the AirPods are in use, at least:

  • PCalc (which I use a ton)
  • Up Next
  • Shortcuts
  • Omnifocus
  • Drafts

Indeed mine just show up too. If I’m not seeing it, sometimes I’ll open the case next to the device while it’s on the home screen and that fixes it.

Time to share my own that I just set up:

  • Shortcuts: A lot of diary related and meditation shortcuts here. Along with a shortcut to create a fast reminder for when I get home. And some directional shortcuts to next events and my home

  • Stock weather app

  • Fantastical

  • Things

  • WaterMinder

  • Streaks

  • Apple News

  • Shazam

  • JustPressRecord

  • Battery

On my phone it’s really only the battery widget I use and occasionally Carrot Weather. I wouldn’t miss it if it went away.

On my iPad I’ve started pinning it so I can have immediate access to Hue widgets. It’s the first time I’ve actually find it useful and I love it. I’ve also get my Xiaomi pm2.5 reading, Carrot Weather and Shortcuts there, but I generally run those from Homescreen icons.

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I have:

  • shortcuts (6)
  • yoink

And when swiping:

  • omnifocus
  • batteries
  • drafts
  • files
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How do use Yoink there and in general?

I used it all the time when I had a Mac but now I never use it anymore

I use Yoink to move/copy files from my ipad to my phone and vice versa. It’s a convenient shelf when I have it in the Today view. On the Mac I always use it to park files I work on, or need later. Unfortunately the sync between iOS and macOS is not there yet, but it will be there soon.

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Hello Weather
Be Focused Pro

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Alright, I would use iCloud Drive for that move/copy thing. That’s also how I used it on my Mac before, but as I don’t have one anymore I just drag files instead on iPadOS

I’ve found the files app too slow in a lot of circumstances. Dragging into yoink, and out of, in a slide over view is much faster for me.

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