Todo and calendar

I am searching for a mac/ios app to sync my todos in my calendar.

I would like an app where I can define starting and ending time for a task and it would appear in my calendar and not in app’s internal calendar (such as Things). I do think this is possible somehow using keyboard maestro (I think I saw a workflow with omnifocus), but I do not want to use keyboard maestro (I am not using it for anything else). I just want this feature to be a part of the app itself (Omnifocus 2 had this beautiful feature, but it has gone since then…).

I do think Todoist allow you to do it, but I really do not want to embark on another subscription-based software.
Basecamp (which I am currently testing), allow to create a multiday task and sync it in your calendar. Which is pretty good, but I cannot block a couple of hours with a task, just a day.

Do you know of any other options out there?

edit: the script for omnifocus I mentioned above was made by Rosemary Orchard :wink:

The free tier of Todoist gives you 2-way calendar sync with Google Calendar (to which Apple Calendar can of course subscribe).

TickTick also offers this functionality but last I heard it wasn’t instantaneous, but delayed by a few minutes to post to calendar. (I’m also not sure if it’s available in its free tier.)

I did not know about 2 way calendar sync with todoist, and I was not aware of TickTick. I will try them both! Thanks!


I checked both and

  • todoist does not allow to set a duration for a task
  • TickTick need a premium for it :confused:

Too bad. Any other options out there?