Todoist iOS Add Task no longer works with dictation

For more than a year I’ve used a very simple iOS shortcut to add tasks in my car using Todoist. For one, it avoids the issue with Siri sometimes confusing “todoist” with “to do list”. I also use it as a building block to add lists of tasks.

I recently noticed that calling it up, Siri collected the task info but then said “I’m sorry but I can’t do this while you’re in the car”.

I finally found the time to sit down and see what’s going on. Now I’m confused whether this new behavior is caused by a recent Todois or iOS update…

Here’s the shortcut: !(
Doesn’t get any simpler. Show When Run is disabled in the Todoist Add step details.

It works fine when I run the shortcut from clicking on it within Shortcuts. As expected, it shows a dialog to request the task name, then silently creates it, and ends the shortcut.

However, when I activate it by saying “Hey Siri, new task”, it prompts for the task name, then switches over to Todoist and shows me Todoist’s “create a new task” dialog with the title filled in, then sits there waiting for me to click the submit button.


So no wonder it won’t work in the car as it’s waiting for conformation.

Any ideas?