Todoist Start Dates

I’ve always loved the use of “start dates” like Things and OmniFocus use but I absolutely need the simplicity and ease of Todoist. I finally found a way to use start dates in Todoist in this great YouTube video:

Hope this helps!

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Neat idea, but doesn’t really work for me. I long ago switched to 2Do precisely because the start date feature is so well implemented. While this hack allows projects to have start dates, it doesn’t work for individual tasks (unless you make every task a project). 2Do can not only have tasks with separate start and due dates, but it can do it based on duration, so that tasks can appear in your “Today” list 5 days before they are due (or whatever duration you like). I’ve tried a number of workarounds, includluding the one suggested in this video, but none work as well as 2Do.

PS: There is really no need to watch the whole video. The hack is very simple: create a “start project” task in each project with an earlier start date assigned to that task.

You could also create a task with no due date and set a reminder for the desired start date. On the start date, when you see/receive the reminder, you would then set a due date. The only difference between this and a “real” start date that I can see is that the due date would not be specified until the start date is reached.

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That’s a great hack! Love it!

Do what you want! It was just a suggestion for those of us who do actually use Todoist!