Tool to combine files into a folder?

Hi all. Are there any tools that would do the following? I want to command-click on a group of files in Finder and then right-click to bring up the Context menu. There would be a “Combine” command in the menu which, when clicked, would prompt me for a folder name. When I enter the name and hit return, it would create a folder in that directory, give it the name I entered, and then move the files into that folder. Thanks!

Finder does this natively. Select files, command-click (right-click) and select "New Folder with Selection).


OMG, I feel so stupid! Thanks. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Never feel stupid about this stuff. I’m always discovering or learning something “new” that’s been there for years. :grinning:


Don’t man …I watch videos and see little things that are useful that i’ve never known existed in the OS.

If you run across larger needs like say a drive full of loose files that needs to be organize i’ve used Tidy Up before to instantly file them into properly named folders. The small stuff is handled by the finder but the larger clean ups need bigger tools

I didn’t know about this either. It’s a cool and useful feature.