Tooting my own horn Re Sheep

New article on non-surgical AI in sheep published. I’m a Co-Author. Link will go pay only after 18 August.
Critical factors for non-surgical artificial insemination in sheep

This is the sort of stuff that my LambTracker program is designed to support. Collection of detailed data on individual sheep to improve flock performance.


Will that work for my staff? :wink:

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only if they Baaa a lot.

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Congratulations :tada::champagne:!


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It’s certainly a different kind of AI than we normally discuss around here


Not only is this very cool, but it’s maybe the best thread title in the forum.


You’ve heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing? This is Wolfie in a sheep’s threads.


As a pastor, this idea appeals to me quite a bit.

Note: the English word pastor comes from the word for pasture and also the word for feed.

I also found it amusing that, in this instance, A.I was not “Artificial Intelligence” as one might assume on a nerd forum.


Congratulations! The article is nicely done.


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… and this is why just skimming the first sentence of the first couple of posts in a topic to get a sense of it is a bad idea…

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Well, they make a lot of other sounds! :wink:

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