Touch ID Keyboards available separately

Anyone with an M1 mini or an M1 notebook they use in clamshell mode can now take advantage of Touch ID.


These don’t have backlighting do they?

Also of note:

And it includes a woven USB-C to Lightning Cable that lets you pair and charge by connecting to a USB-C port on your Mac.

Finally, more durable cables.

Not sure I’d want to pay £149 for the keyboard, as I’d essentially use my mechanical keyboard and just use that the TouchID! I do miss not having TouchID though…

I’m not a fan of the thin keyboards, as I’m an awful typer and I bottom out all the time, so on thin keyboards, my fingers ache quickly! Waiting for the Unicomp Mini M to ship to the UK…

Ugh Apple. Why don’t these have the inverted T arrow keys for navigation? Blah… I don’t want to have to have the number keys too just to get the inverted T keys.

EDIT: I see this is what the keyboard looks like with the iMac as well. So annoying. :crazy_face:


Thank God… our long(ish) international nightmare (well, one of them) is finally over(ish).

Myke Hurley has his iMac’s Touch ID keyboard velcroed to the underside of his desk, so he can type on a mechanical keyboard and just reach under the desk to the Touch ID button whenever he needs to authenticate.

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RIGHT!?!?!? Quit screwing around with the arrow keys!

Totally agree! why they are messing around with the t-arrow across their products?! ipad keyboard has it, macbook pro 2015 has it; magic keyboard (first generarion) has it (second generaion does not).

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DESIGN FOR ACCESERIES IN APPLE?! furthermore im DONE witht their port startegy. why cant those external devices for the MAC also have USB-C?! why do i need an extra lighting cable?! ditch the lightning cable and make all usbc just like on the macbook and ipad pro!!!

Same here. Is there anything Touch ID can unlock and the watch can’t?

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Agreed – AW Unlock works like a bomb, until… it doesn’t. Had mine stop working a few times already – and then its several weeks before I find it annoying enough to try and fix. And there doesn’t appear to be a single ‘guaranteed’ way to get that fix to take, 1st time up.

Wish Apple would consider – in light of their (commendable) focus on accessibility – dipping their toes into the world of ergonomic keyboards… A split and programmable KB from Apple would scratch all sorts of itches. Of course, that’s about as likely as Tesla buying Apple… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nope, but some of us can’t wear watches.

Not to mention that I bet the keyboard lasts longer, and it’s definitely cheaper :wink:

I ordered one ASAP and can’t wait to use it with my M1 Mac mini. The only downside to switching to it from my MBAir has been the lack of Touch ID.


Is there a consistent focus? I find that Windows does a better job on accessibility when you look at using the OS with only a keyboard. In macOS there are so many pop-ups where I need a mouse to move on instead of using tab or arrow keys. It annoys me everyday I use the Mac.