Touch ID not unlocking Macbook after Big Sur?

I updated to Big Sur yesterday in two MacBook Pros, 13" and 15", both are 2018 with Touch Bar and Touch ID.

Touch ID is working fine in Big Sur except when I need to wake up the MacBooks. At this moment I need to type the password every time because my finger on the Touch ID is no longer working. Since this problem is happening on both MacBooks after the update, I assume it is something that others could be experiencing. Touch ID worked flawlessly to wake up each machine before the update.
The option to wake the MacBooks with Touch ID in the configuration is on.

Does anyone know how to solve this? Thank you.

A quick stab in the dark … try toggling off the wake with Touch ID setting, re-boot, then toggling the setting back on.

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No, it did not worked :confused:

My first step would be deleting the fingerprint from Touch ID in System Preferences and re-configure it, but I have no idea if that would actually work.