Touch macOS Big Sur software/hardware simulation

There is a lot of noise about the changes in macOS Big Sur starting to pave the way to a touchscreen Mac.

Thought I would give it a try so I created a reasonable working simulation by using JumpDesktop.

MacBook Pro running BigSur
iPad Pro with Trackpad running JumpDesktop

I use JumpDesktop to remotely connect to the Mac and then switched the mouse simulation to the MacBook Pro in JumpDesktop from “Trackpad” to “Direct Touch”.

The new Big Sur desktop is definitely easier, but not perfect, for finger touches instead of a mouse or trackpad. The window open/close stoplights are still hard to hit.

I made a quick screen recording and posted it:

(Probably can do the same in other remote control apps, but I use JD as the most versatile)


It does seem Apple is using this time to lay the groundwork. With the ability to natively run iOS apps then if they offer touch capabilities in machines next year they need only make a few more tweaks for users to become accustomed to.

Okay, crazy thought that may be completely irrelevant, but has somebody compared to size of the iPad’s mouse pointer to that of the new stoplight controls in Big Sur?

The pointer should be much larger, yes?

Weird. My pointer on my iPad Magic Keyboard is definitely smaller than the one on that screenshot - which reminds me rather of when it was an accessibility feature only. Hence the crazy thought :slightly_smiling_face: