Trackpad "wraps" - anybody actually used these? Do they work?

Looking at things like:

It seems to me that putting material between the trackpad and my finger could be…problematic. But they claim they work well. Anybody have any experience?

I think it’s deceptive that they call their vinyl covers “Leather Series.”

Beyond that, there’s already a piece of glass between your finger and the active circuitry, so a sheet of vinyl shouldn’t interfere. You could experiment with things you have around the house to see if there’s anything you like the texture of.

I don’t know if I would gently swipe my fingertips upon the back of a lizard :grimacing::smiley:

Yeah, and that’s not even the specific one I’m looking at. I just want to re-color my trackpad to orange. :smiley:

Regarding interference, I just know that dirt and such messes up the performance. So I was wondering if the vinyl would cause a problem.

Well, I mean…people have pet lizards, and this way it wouldn’t eat anything. :smiley:

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