"Transfer Purchases" with Catalina?

Hi Folks,
Maybe I am looking at this the wrong way.

Have downloaded several iTunes movies to iPhone
Now I want to put them on my Catalina Mac. I used
to do this through the “transfer purchases” menu item
in iTunes.

I see nothing like that in the Finder iTunes Version…?
Any help appreciated.

Are they purchased movies?
If so they should be available in the TV App on your mac.

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What are you referring to? :slight_smile: The only thing you will find in the Finder regarding “iTunes” is the sync screen to sync stuff between your iPhone and your Mac (= sync local Mac stuff to the iPhone).

Like @JKoopmans said, you will find your purchased movies and your local library of already downloaded TV series and Movies content (formerly part of iTunes) in the TV app. If you are logged in into the same iCloud account on your Mac and on your iPhone, you will be able to find your purchases there.

By default, they will stream (I think), but they can be downloaded automatically or manually.

iMore has an extensive step-by-step description online how to use the TV app on your Mac:

You will also find a guide how to download movies in that article. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for replies.
Yes, they are purchased movies
and DO appear in my library to

BUT, I don’t want to re-download them
They are on my phone. I want to get them
on my Mac (for the bigger screen)

Yes, to your point, I can sync, but only
from Mac to iPhone.

I want to go the other way :slight_smile:

(In iTunes there was a “Transfer Purchase…”
that let you copy from device to library.
In my case iPad and iPhone device with
Mac acting as Library host)

I want to copy downloaded iTunes movies
from iPhone to Mac.

Thanks for any help

Music, movies, notes, reminders: Apple’s strategy now is for canonical data to be cloud-based with copies pushed from there, no longer from device to device.

If you want a smaller file download the movie in SD format: in iTunes/Mac there should be a link titled “Also Available in SD” -tap that to change it to SD. Then you can tap on the cloud icon at the top to download the movie in SD format.

Thank you. Intent was to avoid the (re) download of 20Gb of GOT.

(“Transfer purchase…” PRE Catalina. Am I imagining that? Time to
spark up the old Boat Anchor and check for senility with Sierra)

I am not sure. I think it was like that stuff only could be copied from the Mac to your iOS device using iTunes sync.

Tools like iMazing might be a solution to get stuff from your iOS device onto your Mac. From there it can be imported into the TV app library. I am not sure, but it might work

If bandwidth is no issue, it may be way more easy to download the purchases a second time.

Go to the TV App on your Mac while your Device is connected, then secondary click on the device in the left-hand column. You should see “Transfer Purchases.”

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Thanks a lot, I been looking for this for weeks.

I’ve been looking for months :frowning:

Thank you!