Transitioning from iphone to Samsung Galaxy Note 9

I’ve just lost my iphone in a taxi; -idiot!

Here in Australia the iphone Xs Max is $2668 (512GB version with $299 Apple case). I refuse to pay this for an iphone -I paid $1390 for a top of the line 13" Macbook Pro back in 2013! Now they are closer to $4500.

I can purchase a Samsung galaxy Note 9 for $1799 and am seriously considering swapping. I have been using a $129 Android phone since losing my iphone and have been been impressed with it. My main worry is omnifocus which I love using but will still have it on my MBP and iPad Pro.

What will I miss and find difficult in the transition to the Note 9?

Sorry for your bad news. Maybe try calling the taxi co? You’re not replacing like with like though, since the max x size and 512 are new this year. How about XS or Xr and 256? Agreed with the Apple Care + this thing costs more than a laptop.

Tried the taxi company. I was my own worst enemy-didnt get a receipt so could not id the taxi/driver. Was able to watch it all night driving across Brisbane and able to play sounds and leave message on screen but still not returned.

My other option is to get a Iphone X -still available in local stores (just not apple)

I used an app called Focusgtd. The UI is very basic, but the last time I tried it, it synced well with Omnifocus.

Personally I much prefer an Android phone, and I’ll definitely make a switch when my current iPhone is broken.

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Thanks for pointing me to FocusGTD app. Looks great.

I am very impressed with the Android phones.

I made the transition about 12 months ago to the Galaxy S8 for the exact same reason, price.
Yes there is some muscle memory in the first few weeks but most apps like banking, social networks etc are virtually identical.
The Samsung phones are more customisable, that may or may not be a problem depending how anally retentive you are.
I am very happy and will not return to the iPhone. I use Google calendar on my iPad and it syncs very well with my Samsung.
I was actually surprised at the number of features like facial recognition that have been on Samsung longer than on Apple.
Best of luck

I also live in Oz, and the cost is now ridiculous!

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I migrated from an iPhone 6s+ to a Samsung Galaxy S8 earlier this year. Similar situation… my iPhone failed not long before an important overseas trip and I needed a new reliable phone asap. I couldn’t justify the price of a new iPhone at that time and the S8 was on offer for half the price.

A few friends were using Samsung so I thought I’d give it a try. I was very pleasantly surprised at how user friendly and customisable it is. Quite a few features that would have been welcome on iOS.

If you fancied a change from Omnifocus, Todoist is very good. It doesn’t have start/defer dates though and you need a slightly different mindset when using it, but otherwise it’s served my needs very well.

I haven’t really missed much from my iPhone…

I can second FocusGTD is a great omnifocus client for android, I hope they update soon to bring in some of the changes from Omnifocus 3.

Personally I have never been a big fan of the Samsung phones singe I don’t like touch wiz as an interface but the S9 does look good.

I would recommend that you check out the roomers about the pixel 3, I have always had pixels and the nexus line before them as I needed an android reference phone, they are solid phones.

The nice thing about android and the kinda overwhelming thing is the number of options, Sony, Motorola, HTC, One+, LG all have phones worth considering, even the essential phone I have heard good things about.

The pixel 2 XL is my daily carry, as is the jelly pro, though I mostly just use it as an MP3 player. It can be frustrating at times to live the duel ecosystem life, but it can be done with some though