Travel Cable Organizer (w/ picture)

Hello All! What do you use to organize cables & dongles when traveling/commuting? I’m using this bag from BagSmart. It works well but wondering if better options exist. FWIW, here is a picture of my bag’s contents.

Contents include:

  • lightning to usb-a + lightning
  • usb-c to usb-a adapters (s)
  • 1ft usb-c cable (great for sidecar)
  • 1ft usb-c to micro usb 3.0 (for connecting to ext drives)
  • 3ft usb-a extension
  • 2ft micro usb cable w/ Apple micro usb to lightning adapter
  • wired earbuds w/ 3.5mm plus 3.5mm to lightning adapter (JIC if forget my airpods);
  • anker 3ft lightning cable
  • this UGREEN Apple Watch Charger but recently upgraded to this improved version from ifory
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Aukey 2-port USB charger (not shown)
  • 10ft usb-c cable (not shown)

I have something similar (different brand from Amazon). We don’t travel a ton but it works well when we do just to keep the various cables, etc coordinated. If it’s working for you just stick with it.

I have something very similar (manufacturer BUBM) but double zipped. One side like you show holds cables and an Anker 20,000 battery. The other side holds an Anker 6 port USB charger and a Minix 3 Port GaN charger.

I use it for work and Travel. I love knowing that I don’t have to check anything, just grab and go.

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I use this and it also holds my headphones in a pocket.

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