Travel router/hub?

I remember an episode (maybe in 2018) where I think Katie was talking about a travel hub to keep her network name the same when she travelled. And since I was driving at the time probably, I didn’t put it into Omnifocus to follow-up later. And a year later, for some reason it popped into my head.

I travel A LOT. One of the challenges I have is that I’m on many different WiFi networks (I use a VPN most of the time.) However, this makes certain workflows difficult because some of them need to recognize the network (for example, uploading photos from my camera to my computer wirelessly).

I’m thinking a wireless travel router/hub would be useful if such a thing exists–that is a device that will connect wirelessly to a network (I don’t always have access to the physical mode/router to plug into anything), through which my devices will connect, thus keeping the network name the same no matter where I am, allowing my automations to run (Should this be on the Automator’s Forum instead?)

Advice/recommendations appreciated! :slight_smile:

I picked up a HooToo Trip Mate which should have the features you are looking for. I mainly use it with a wired backend though so can’t comment on how well it works wirelessly.

I believe this is the one Katy mentioned.

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I know someone who got this RAVpower unit, used it for 3 days for a Europe trip then put it in a drawer. Said it worked as expected, no raves for or dings on it. Apparently there was a coupon code he got at for it to save an extra $20 but this was a few weeks ago, and I’m not sure if the coupon is still valid.