Travelling with IOS: Offline files

Is there a way to save recent files to the iPad to work offline? Is iOS supposed to this automatically?

Regardless of the size of the storage on your device the inability to mark selected files or folders for automated sync renders it useless when travelling and there’s no inflight WiFi.

One way is to move them using the Files app to the “On My iPhone” (or iPad) location.

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That’s not a file management solution in a world of cloud services. That’s equivalent to moving files between computers on USB stick.


I believe that Dropbox will allow you to set files for offline use.

As far as I know, iCloud does not have a similar feature.


Yes, DropBox DOES allow offline files.

I use DEVONthink for this purpose. Anything I drop in there is automatically synced to all my iOS devices then saved offline.

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I don’t think there is a way to make it save files automatically, but I’ve been very pleased with Microsoft OneDrive for things like this. I’ve moved all my files to it, and I have folders marked for offline access. Some of these I have saved offline all the time, others I’ll dynamically choose before I head out for a trip.