Trello Automation

Does anyone have any experience with automating Trello?

My employer has enabled us to use Trello. Some of us in the team have iOS devices (and Macs).

I’d like to be able to demonstrate to them the value of eg Shortcuts by automating things like:

  1. Emailing a card’s text plus link.
  2. Copying a card plus link into Omnifocus as a task.

Right now Trello doesn’t seem overly friendly in terms of what it will allow the share sheet to do.

I’m aware Shortcuts inherited Workflow’s ability to do things with Trello - and somewhere along the line I ended up with a test Shortcut for Trello.

I’m just wondering if anyone has any experiences with trying to automate Trello.

I’ve tagged this with both “ios” and “macos” as I’d also be interested in any automation people have done on both platforms.

This a is a Shortcut which lets you choose card(s) and gives you the name and URL - what you do with those is up to you!


I recommend looking at the automations that Zapier provides. You can create a free Zapier account that allows you to have up to five active “Zaps”.

The Butler Power-up is also worth checking out. It was originally developed by a third-party and is now owned by Trello.

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Thanks. On power ups, my company has a list of “Approved Power Ups”. I’m not sure it can police that, mind.

I would assume one owned by Trello WOULD be approved.

You’re welcome, @MartinPacker. Hopefully Butler is on your company’s “Approved Power-Ups” list. I would think that the fact it’s owner/developed by Trello would help.

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