Tricks for getting AW2 to unlock Mac?

Unlocking my MBP with my AW2 is one of those things I didn’t know I needed, until I started using it.
It is such a small thing, but really takes the friction out of having a long(ish) PW to log-in.
So when it stops working, well – one notices it.

Following the last iOS/watchOS update (11.4.1; 4.3.2), it has stopped again.
Last time, after googling, I did all sorts of strange actions/steps to get it up and working again – and to be honest, on both prior occasions this happened, I’m still not entirely sure which of the ‘tips’ actually did the trick.

Before going down that rabbit hole again - figured I would pop this up, to see if a MPU’er (is that the term?) has a step-by-step approach that ‘just works’.

Oh, macOS = 10.13.6

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