Trouble with Drafts (for Mac) inbox not showing *anything*

I have several drafts in iOS syncing across iPhone and iPad. Working fine.

but Mac version - nothing in inbox at all.
Create draft in Mac = shows up on iOS fine, still not visible anywhere in Mac inbox or archive
Can go to the down-arrow at top of Mac window and get list of previous drafts there

So even the drafts I create ON the Mac are not visible ON the Mac :disappointed: but show up immediately on iOS

Not using Tags anywhere. At all. and I have no filters or search being applied to the inbox, and iCloud sync is enabled.

Do I have a view setting wrong somewhere ?


What about workspaces? Could that cause this issue?

Thought of that as well - I had never even created any workspaces , But went through and clicked either delete / clear (not at Mac so not sure exact description right now) for the workspaces options also.

Also have deleted uninstalled the Mac app several times, downloaded the newest version, reinstalled , …and stays the same

Are you a Pro Subscriber? I don’t believe it will work if you are not a pro subscriber.

If you are, I think a better place to ask about this is either on the Drafts Forum, the Drafts Slack Channel, or the Drafts Support site.

Thanks Josh.

Yes I am subscribed. I have (double) posted there also trying to get it resolved quickly.

I will post an update once fixed.