True Tone Usage (Poll)

True tone seems to be making its way across Apples entire product line. I wouldn’t be suprised to see it on this years Apple Watch. With that being said, what do you use true tone on?

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Mac
  • Not At All

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At the moment, I can only use it on my iPhone because it is the only device I own that has True Tone. Maybe the better question is what device(s) would you want to have True Tone on? My answer would be all of them. Although I’m not sure it makes sense on the Watch.

I find that I like to keep it off. I’ve tried to enable it on both my iphone and ipad but I always notice it and find it too distracting. I keep wondering if the picture I’m looking at or the video I’m currently watching is being effected.

I don’t own any True Tone devices yet. :anguished:

I think I’m just not very discerning when it comes to displays. I use True Tone on my iPhone, but can’t tell the difference between it and the screen on either of my iPads. I also didn’t notice much of a difference with Retina screens, either, and see no difference in the screens between my iPad Pro and my 2018 base iPad. Maybe I just have bad eyes (although I still don’t wear glasses).

I just use it on my iPad. I turned it off on my phone because the color shifting as I moved around with it was noticeable and annoying. Now I’m wondering why I didn’t notice that on the iPad. Perhaps it’s because I’m usually either sitting or walking around in the same room when I’m using it.

Meh. Our eyes and brains adapt to ambient conditions, so I don’t see the need. It’s turned on on my iPad, but I haven’t noticed the effect.

Does anyone know if apps have a way to deactivate True Tone automatically? My biggest complaint is it’s on when watching videos such as YouTube. Does watching a video automatically disable it?