Trusted place for used iPhones?

My parents need a new iPhone, and they don’t need a new new one or one of the latest models. But I’ve never bought a used phone, and I seem to remember hearing that Gazelle is not what it used to be. (Maybe that’s wrong, so feel free to disavow me.)

My mom has an iPhone 7 and likes it. I think a 7 would be fine for my dad (who needs the replacement). They’re on AT&T, and unlocked (no commitment) would be nice. Any suggestions for where I should be looking?

Look for one on the Refurbished and Clearance area at Products there are throughly checked out. Keep in mind that if you buy and older iPhone (think iPhone 7 and before) the battery may need to be replaced. Battery life deteriorates over time and you don’t want to be always looking for a place to charge the phone.

Good advice - I hadn’t thought about the fact that refurbished may need new batteries. That is the main reason they want to upgrade their 5s.

Apple was the first place I looked, but there are only X and newer there now.

Refurbished from the Apple website I believe would already have the battery replaced if needed.
I have used this site to get email alerts for refurbished Apple products:

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Apple’s refurbished products generally has new batteries. It also comes with 1 year warranty, so no worries on those front.


I’ll just leave this here…

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