Trying to avoid Rosetta (is it bad?)

I have an Intel Macbook Pro; but am setting up a Mac Mini w/ the M1 Chip.

One thing I use sometimes is MS Teams and it does not seem like there is an M1 optimized version.

Was trying to avoid Rosetta. It it good-to-use/OK? … Or, should I have one, “pure” machine and only use things that work without “helpers”?


Rosetta 2 is fast and won’t get in your way. It’ll be part of the Apple silicon ecosystem for years to come. FWIW, my wife runs Teams all day for her teaching on an M1 Air and still gets incredible battery life and performance. No reason to avoid it in my book.


No issues at all with MS Teams on my M1 Mac.

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See also

which reveals barely any performance difference and a few instances where emulation is actually faster.


I get why you would think that, based on lots of past experience with ‘emulators’ (although technically this is a ‘translator’), but… I have been using Rosetta whenever needed and absolutely cannot tell the difference between an Intel app and an Apple Silicon app.

Now that MS Office is out with native support, I would assume Teams will be coming fairly shortly. Surely MS knows this is an app people want, and Slack has a beta, so they don’t want to be perceived as falling behind.

Regardless… don’t fear the Reaper  Rosetta.