Trying to find a robust watch case

For example there is the Moab case and strap combination that pops for me on Facebook from time to time but it doesn’t have a screen cover in it unfortunately

I do see fine scratches happening on my S3 and I’ve tried plain screen protectors and they are awful

Thanks in advance


These work fine for me. I don’t wear my watch in rough environments, but I do bump it more than I would like.

I think the ultimate solution to the scratched screen is to get a stainless steel model with the sapphire glass. Not cheap but worth it!

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In the UK the base aluminum watch is £329. The stainless steel base model, £599. That’s almost 100% more!

Whilst there’s more than just the glass advantage, that is a way more than significant price hike when compared to a cover for a little bit over £10.

I would say it isn’t worth the price difference. If it lasted a decade or two then maybe, but the series 3 will almost certainly be obsolete inside of 10 years; though happy to be proven wrong on that!

I would suggest that unless you have a need for cellular, and the screen, and prefer the look (and I really mean all three, not just two out of three) then it is not worth the doubling in price.

Of course if there’s a deal, a refurbished one, a gift, etc. then there some of these point become less potent. If it just wasn’t for that massive price difference I’d agree :man_shrugging: