Tutorials for New Admin Assistant Who Is New to macOS?

Hey Gang,

Hiring a new executive assistant in our office who is new to the Mac. She’s sharp and will learn quickly, but wondering what you’d recommend for online helps/tutorials for someone making the switch? (I’ve always been Mac, so I’m ignorant on this one.)

My first thought is Lynda.com, but figured this would be the group who’d know if there’s something better/cheaper.

She’s proficient, and is moving over from a Windows/Chrome environment in school administration.


https://screencastsonline.com has a 7 day trial. The site has an archived tutorial, at https://screencastsonline.com/tutorials/misc/mac-osx-for-new-mac-users that might be helpful (it’s from 2009).


When I switched to the Mac, I used David Pogue’s book “Switching to the Mac”. Very good for moving Windows users over. I think there’s an updated version for Mojave.