tvOS 13 assist please

Forgive me if this is covered somewhere - I am drawing from a mind that is blitzed by my young kids and busy work life.

Has anyone worked with the new tvOS 13? Particularly in setting up the profiles? I can’t locate documentation, and I haven’t ferreted out every little rabbit trail in the OS.

What I would love is to set up a “young kids” profile that doesn’t lock down the whole OS for us parents but creates a clean top menu level in which sex/horror/adult preview and poster content doesn’t show.

Anyone do this? How was this done? Where did you set up the profiles? Not a noob. Just busy and distracted. Hoping the collective brain can assist.

should be under settings >> Users & Accounts

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Apple Books (iBook) version of tvOS 13 manual seems to not be out. somebody poke me if it is available.

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Being that I’ve seen the term “profiles” thrown around. If “profile” is synonymous with “Apple ID”, someone should talk to their marketing team… :expressionless::unamused:

Thanks for the assist. :vulcan_salute:

This is helpful. Thank you! :sunglasses:

I hear you. Yeah, any device my kid uses is thoroughly locked down. No apple store. Nothing but movies manually moved on to devices, etc. The apple TV however is more “community property”… Which means: if there can be more options with the relative convenience of fast user switching then I’m all for it - multiple appleIDs and all.

btw, I dig the Welsh flag! :slight_smile:

Multiple users but only one photo library? Really? I installed tvOS 13 last night and not too impressed by what can/can’t be customized so far.

I agree with you. I have yet to see the depth. But. I did finally set up a separate profile and the new tvOS control panel makes it convenient for fast user switching.

As for the photos issue that you mention - yes, this is a problem. Fortunately, I’m the photographer in the family and my library dwarfs my wife’s so… my account typically ends up being primary. Any photos that we want from each other, we utilize a shared album. Limited but it works for now.

Thanks. I have set it up and I’ll give it a go. Nevertheless, as my boys are quite young, I will keep the parental controls configured (I’m not seeing a high degree of control with a family account other than purchase control). You’re assistance helped move this forward. :slight_smile: